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The final flight of Captain Thomas F. Mantell Jr. is considered as the first human death attributed to a UFO
Captain Mantell project was funded in 2006 by finding out the homonimy
between the singer Tommaso Mantelli and Captain Thomas Mantell,
first pilot died chasing an UFO.
The reinterpretation of his story is the thread of the four previous albums of the band.
Each album is a chapter starting with the chase of the UFO to being lost in the infinite space.
After all the Captain returns on Earth and shocked by all the changes occurred during his absence
begins a long journey looking for his own actual roots…
…this path is represented by the latest album: Bliss
(2014-Dischi Bervisti, Overdrive Rec, Dreamingorilla Rec, Xnot You Xme).
The line up with Mauro Franceschini, drums, and Sergio Pomante, sax,
evolves from space electro punk towards a broader rock and roll approach
which seems pop and experimental at the same time.
The spontaneity of the new songs released energy and pleasure
to the live performance of the trio which now awaits
to head stages all over Italy and Europe.

Bliss includes the pleasing presence of guests as
Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta, Menace, Ulan Bator),
Dj Muto, Bleeding Eyes (Go Down Rec)
and Liam McKahey (Liam McKahey and the Bodies, Cousteau).
The latter collaboration has been so satisfying for both parties
to think about a next work together.
The band shared the stage with big artists as
Chemical Brothers, The Klaxons, Mouse On Mars, White Rose Movement,
Icarus, Tito&Tarantula, Louie Austen, Bologna Violenta, Freakatronic, OJM
and appearing at the main music festivals in Italy
(Heineken Jamming Festival, Sonisphere, Neapolis Festival) and club nights.

In 2013 they toured Europe playing in London, Bristol, Brighton,
Berlin, Essen, Amsterdam, The Hague…
And now they are ready to keep on rocking planet Earth!

Tommaso Mantelli alias Captain Mantell: voice, guitar
Mauro Franceschini alias Admiral Dix: drums, backing vocals
Sergio Pomante alias Sergeant Zags: sax, key, backing vocals

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