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04/Nov/Straight Outta Night /DJ Iguana a.k.a. The Cooker

►multi winner of awards and competitions remix.
►Time-out magazine,u.k.:
“…one of the best dj in Europe…”
“…new Fatboy Slim,but more eclectic…”
“…Devastating in Europe,unique in his kind in Italy…”
►Iguana represented Italy at The Olympic Games London 2012
►2 dj sets on BBC-1 Extra (u.k.)
►sets from revisited History to electronic music.
►Iguana has been playing in many of best Clubs and Music Festivals in Europe,such as:
►Ministry of Sound-(London,u.k.);
► Buddha Bar-(Paris and Krakow);
►Ziget Festival-(Budapest,Hungery) on stage and on Boat Club A38;
►Maddox Club-(London,u.k.)
►The Egg Club-(London,u.k.)
►ECO Forest Festival,Italy
►Kitchen,U2’s Club-(Dublin)
and then Stockolm,Kracow,Warsavia,Mikonos,Sicily,Bratislav

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